Maker's Headshot Project

I cannot contain my excitement.
My wish for each one of you is you have a photo or two of yourself that you love enough to share with your audience.
Your audience needs the YOU in your business.
We are organizing #makersheadshotproject
Connecting you with volunteers to provide you with a few images that help you connect more with your audience.
If you have a DSLR or are a pro with your I phone, please consider volunteering!
We are going to get creative to find ways to reward our volunteer photographers.
Cannot wait to literally see all of your faces. 😍💕💕💕

Donations can be made here. 
All donations go towards providing safe studio space, lunch and a small gift for all of our volunteer photographers. 

Volunteers needing a studio space need anywhere from $75-150 
Volunteers not needing studio space will receive lunch + a small gift that will cost around $50! This is TINY in comparison to the job that they are doing so please consider donating! Every state + multiple locations means we will likely have up to 60-75 volunteers. That's approximately $7,000 in studio space, food and gifts for these incredible volunteers that bring you all FREE headshots!